Belag Tibhar Hybrid K1
  • Belag Tibhar Hybrid K1

Tibhar Hybrid K1

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TIBHAR Hybrid K1 version is a topping "Made in Germany", developed for the standards of Chinese TT-art! The extremely catchy, almost sticky surface offers great elasticity and thus in comparison to
classic Chinese rubbers, a multiple of acceleration and speed. It is therefore particularly well suited for the 40+ ball. The medium-hard, large-pored sponge with its excellent catapult amplifies the high acceleration potential and stretches and strengthens the ball flight curve. The exciting and innovative combination of catapult and extremely high rotation, thanks to the sticky rubber surface, offers all topspin players unimagined possibilities from half distance and even close to the table. The surface of the rubber provides tremendous flexibility, including high speed in addition to its extreme grip and tack and the resulting high rotation.

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