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  • CORNILLEAU 500 x crossover

    Price €845.00

    The replacement for the Crossover 500 M has arrived

    As the embodiment of Cornilleau’s ‘high performance’ spirit, the 500X invites you to concentrate on what matters: the game.

    Its excellent rebound is ideal for high-level rallies and its various features have been designed  to  allow  you  to  play  wherever  you want,

    in any situation. Its tapered legs, bold lines and sturdy sides are what help create its strong personality

  • CORNILLEAU 400 X crossover

    Price €710.00

    It’s the look of the 400X table that makes it  stand  out  at  first  sight, 

    but  it  truly  reveals what it has to offer when played on.

    Its height-adjustable legs and large wheels enable it to take on any terrain. Its point counters are ideal for hard-fought matches,

    and its racket and ball storage spaces will prove highly practical.

    Together with its locking/release system combining optimal ergonomics and safety,

    as well as its powerful brakes, the whole family are able to handle the table safely.

  • CORNILLEAU 300 X Crossover

    Price €630.00

    The robust design and stability of the 300X table  can  be  appreciated  at  first  sight.

      But these are not its only advantages. Its playing surface offers excellent rebound to delight players at all levels.

    The 300X table is able to adapt to slightly uneven terrain with its adjustable legs, while its central  locking/release  system  and  two  brakes provide a high level of safety