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    CORNILLEAU 250 Indoor

    Price €329.06

    This table tennis table has an excellent value for money. With its net adjustment system and ball storage compartment,

    the SPORT 250 Indoor has everything you need.

    This table tennis table offers great comfort to its users thanks to its optimized storage system COMPACT TECHNOLOGY.

    Approved FFTT leisure, the SPORT 250 Indoor welcomes the first family tournaments.

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    CORNILLEAU 540 M Crossover

    Price €752.14

    The PRO 540 Outdoor is a very sturdy outdoor table tennis table that perfectly meets the needs of communities such as campgrounds, vacation centers, hotels. Equipped with large-diameter wheels, it moves easily on all types of ground. Equipped with the MATTOP anti-reflective coating, a very sturdy base and a steel cart, this table tennis table will guarantee you a very long life. Its attributes make it a top-of-the-range table that will satisfy the most demanding players.

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    Price €1,747.86

    The PARK table tennis table is made in France in very resistant materials, and displays a robustness to any test that it is with the shocks, the bad weather or the vandalism. It offers the best game qualities on the market in this category. The ping pong table can be installed in parks, next to playgrounds, on terraces, in campsites and requires little space.

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    CORNILLEAU 740 Longlife

    Price €995.73

    The 740 Longlife is the only table on the market that combines all the advantages of a competition table with the durability of the best Cornilleau outdoor tables.

    Its rebound quality, stability, finishes and precision of adjustment have nothing to envy the tables used by pro players.

    Intended for indoor and outdoor use,

    it is equally at home on a terrace or in any collective space, whether in hotels, leisure clubs, theme bars or even in a company's relaxation room.

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    Price €1,076.92

    When performance rhymes with elegance...

    From the first glance, the new 850 Wood table tennis table appeals, seduces... Resolutely contemporary,

    it shakes up the codes with its grey indoor panel and its retractable posts (ITTF approved),

    2 innovations totally new in the world of competition. The 850 Wood table tennis table is a true tribute to this noble material which, beyond any aesthetic consideration, brings a sound and a pleasure of play.