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  • CORNILLEAU 500 x crossover

    Price €598.29

    The replacement for the Crossover 500 M has arrived

    As the embodiment of Cornilleau’s ‘high performance’ spirit, the 500X invites you to concentrate on what matters: the game.

    Its excellent rebound is ideal for high-level rallies and its various features have been designed  to  allow  you  to  play  wherever  you want,

    in any situation. Its tapered legs, bold lines and sturdy sides are what help create its strong personality

  • CORNILLEAU 200 X crossover

    Price €376.07

    The  200X  table,  based  on  proven  technology, is ideal for matches between family  members, 

    friends  or  even  more  experienced players.

    Its height-adjustable legs  and  powerful  brakes  ensure  its  stability, 

    even  in  gardens  with  uneven  ground. And with its large wheels, it can be moved easily.

  • CORNILLEAU 100 X Crossover

    Price €316.24

    Affordable and yet well made,

    the 100X table enables as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasures of table tennis. It is  compact,

      easy  to  move  with  its  large  wheels,  simple  and  safe  to  store  and  handle,

    and also features storage options for balls and rackets.

  • CORNILLEAU 600 X Crossover

    Price €683.76

    Accessory  and  bottle  holders, 

    point  counters, ball dispensers and storage ...the  600X  boasts  the  best  innovations without  compromising  on  the  basics:  safety,

    ergonomics and ease of use.

    The quality  of  its  rebound  and  perfect  spin  response will satisfy the most demanding of players.

  • CORNILLEAU 700X Crossover

    Price €914.53

    Its bold lines and range of features make the 700X an unmatched table.

    Its rebound quality equivalent to a competition table offers you the chance to excel.

    Add to this the  best  technology  providing  pleasure  and  comfort,  and  a  simple  match  of  table  tennis  becomes  a  full-on  playing  experience

  • CORNILLEAU 740 Longlife

    Price €995.73

    The 740 Longlife is the only table on the market that combines all the advantages of a competition table with the durability of the best Cornilleau outdoor tables.

    Its rebound quality, stability, finishes and precision of adjustment have nothing to envy the tables used by pro players.

    Intended for indoor and outdoor use,

    it is equally at home on a terrace or in any collective space, whether in hotels, leisure clubs, theme bars or even in a company's relaxation room.