DONIC Classic offensive

available in June 2022

Technology: 7 layers of flax cloth BF3 (inside), Ayous (3+5), Ayous (2+6), Spruce (1+7)
Character: Fast, medium hard, dynamic
Recommendation: Table tennis racket wood for offensive players who are looking for the feel of classic woods
Straight, concave, anatomic
Elasticity: almost stiff
7 (6+1) layers
Approx. 85-90 gr
Control: 7+
Speed: 9+
Category: Off-/Off

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DONIC CLASSIC OFFENSIVE- Dynamics and sensitivity
In terms of material usage, the DONIC CLASSIC OFFENSIVE is very similar to the CLASSIC POWER ALLROUND. The decisive difference is that the core of this offensive blade is made of a new textile fiber (flax cloth BF3), which is coated on each side with two layers of Ayous. The result is a more direct stroke, more speed and a higher dynamic, but since the outer veneer is also made of spruce here, there is still good control. So the DONIC CLASSIC OFFENSIVE is not only for uncompromising attackers.


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